About Us

SkyCam Solutions is owned and operated by aviation professionals and can provide an airborne solution specific to your needs including the use of UAV (drone) technology, helicopter or aeroplane platforms and ground based photography and video.

The attitude “if you can’t beat’em, join’em” was used as the basis in developing the visual identity for SkyCam Solutions. Whilst both Ryan and Jarrod pilot Aeroplanes and Helicopters, they are not intimated or threatened by the introduction and increasing use of Drones; instead they are embracing this technology and the opportunities it can present.


SkyCam may not be the cheapest option for your aerial photography solution and that is for good reason. Below are the benefits of engaging with SkyCam Solutions:

  • Approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

  • Public liablity insured (not obtainable by unlicenced operators)

  • Operations are authorised by a company appointed Chief Controller

  • All operations are conducted by regulation from government approved manuals and are updated regualary to adapt new legislation

  • Company pilots hold a UAV controllers certificate and have been trained by a recognised and approved organisation

  • Operations near airport / helicopter landing areas approved

  • Close proximity filming approved

  • Professional and experienced pilots and photographers

  • Experience with corporate sector customers

Please consider SkyCam Solutions for your next aerial media requirement.


CASA Approved Operator - CASA.ReOC.0630