Services Available

3D Mesh Imagery

The gimbal component of our drones enable a completely stable platform for high resolution photography that is of most importance for mesh rendering. We work closely with consultancy clients to ensure the required outcome will allow for an efficient rendering process and carefully follow all guidelines imposed.

Aerial Survey

The use of a UAV for survey applications is cost effective and removes the issues associated with larger aircraft including noise pollution, safety concerns and high operating costs. SkyCam Solutions cater for a number of sectors including agricultural, mining, oil, gas and construction. Contact us now to tailor a surveying program specific to your requirements...

Contruction Site Progression

A unique format to obtain construction progression photos for use in marketing or project management. All of SkyCam Solutions UAV fleet are equipped with high-resolution cameras to capture high-quality aerial media from almost any angle. UAV usage is cost effective means to cataloging site progression and can be carried out at most sites.  

Flora & Fauna Spotting

The UAV is an ideal platform to observe and inspection heavily vegetated areas. With the use of HD video, inspections can be carried out and reviewed from the comfort of an office or onsite as required. 

Hazard Identification

Identify potential hazards on industrial sites, farms, remote areas or high-risk areas with the use of UAV. With the use of HD recorded video, live feed HD video or quality stills, footage can be viewed either on location or in the comfort of your office or home at a more convenient time.  

Helicopter & Aeroplane Alternatives

SkyCam Solutions staff are aviation professionals and have access to both helicopter are fixed wing aircraft as required. The helicopter is an exceptional platform for aerial photography requirements and offers not only stability but unparalleled obscured views. Our pilots have worked with many media production clients in the past and include ABC, Channel 7, The Herald Sun and many other high profile photographers.

SkyCam Solutions can offer either aircraft / pilot combination or can supply aircraft, pilot and photographer. Contact us to discuss your needs!

Promotional Media

Give your business the promotional edge by utilising aerial photography options with SkyCam Solutions. Be it photography or airborne video, your website or promotional media will look fantastic! Thanks to Crossfit Moorabbin for this demonstration high-quality photo.

Real Estate Photography

Give your clients the edge by offering a birdseye view of properties. The use of a UAV can provide a unique perspective of a properties specifics including title boundaries and specific points of interest to help prospective buyers understand their purchase. We offer a number of different platforms to capture this unique form of photography.

Rooftop Inspection

SkyCam Solutions can offer a rooftop inspection service on almost any rooftop style. This may be a residential house, a multi-level apartment complex, warehouses or a shopping complex. The use of the UAV can allow inspection of hard to reach air conditioning systems and air duct outlets. UAV removes the necessity of costly high-rise safety equipment. Media can be in the form of still, motion or live feed.

Time Lapse

Time lapse photography is a fantastic way to capture the progression of a work site, the erosion of an area or just about anything that occurs over a long period of time. SkyCam Solutions time lapse cameras are waterproof all-weather cameras capable of capturing images in multiple formats and time intervals.

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