3D Mesh Rendering

Developers imagery

3D mesh rendering as used in the construction and development industry. UAV aerial imagery is high definition that is acquired on a stable airborne platform. This video has been supplied compliments of a SkyCam Solutions consultancy client.

Muddy Hell - Little Devils

Filmed at Pakenham Racecourse

Aerial video in extremely windy conditions.tVideo was streamed directly at 720i quality on monitors throughout the event allowing a real-time, low latency output to competitors and spectators.

Property Video

Filmed using a Phantom in strong winds.

The UAV can offer an impressive presentation of properties giving customers a birds eye view of their investment or allowing Real Estate agents a unique tool allowing customers a full appreciation of their potential purchase! This video was shot in strong winds and the stabilty of the UAV platform is obvious.

Tree Inspection

Simple Tree Inspection

Quick and easy Tree Inspection, checking the trunk, branches and any dead limbs that may be a safety hazard.

Aerial Videography Demonstration

DJI Phantom

This video demonstrates the stabilty offered by the use of a high quality camera & gimbal combination. This footage is unedited and was shot in moderately windy conditions. 

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